1. Confirm your appointment via text or email
  2. Complete the Patient Pre-Exam Form Available in your email confirmation or on our website.

Upon Arrival:

  1. Park and stay in your vehicle
  2. Please text :
  3. Include your name First and Last and your pet’s name, reason for visit, Car Make/Color
  4. Download the Zoom App at in preparation for our distance exam

When your pet’s Exam Room is available:

  1. You will receive a text that your room is ready.
  2. Please escort your pet to the door and wait for a Team member to retrieve your pet
  3. Your pet will be escorted to the exam room where a tech will review your submitted form, get your pet’s vitals and temperature.
  4. Then, you will receive a text with the Zoom Meeting Credentials
  5. Please place your Exam Room Card on your window with your exam room number and more detailed instructions to join the Zoom Meeting
  6. Then, the Tech will initiate the Zoom Meeting to review any further questions or concerns,
  7. Remember: Please be patient and understand we are working with new technology and routines through the COVID Crisis to continue to best serve our patients and keep everyone safe.
  8. Your Veterinarian will join the Tech to perform their assessment, address your concerns, perform treatment or present plan of treatment where necessary

Once Exam and Treatment is Complete:

  1. A staff member will review your invoice and total due.
  2. An e-Payment request will be sent to you via text
  3. Upon receipt of Payment your bill will be closed out and Invoice Emailed to you
  4. You may approach the door, and wait
  5. A staff member will return your pet to you with any purchased items and get you on your way!