Payment Options & Pet Insurance

In addition to cash and credit card payments, we also accept CareCredit, Scratchpay, and pet insurance. These alternative payment methods make it easier for you to manage large veterinary payments and can help reduce some of the stress of caring for your pet, particularly if they were recently treated for an illness or injury.

If you have any questions about our payment options or making a payment, please contact us at (281) 256-8085.

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CareCredit can be extremely useful for veterinary financing. The CareCredit credit card can be used as many times as you need to pay for your pet’s treatments and procedures, and can also be used to help pay for medications, rehabilitation, chronic disease treatment, microchipping, and more.

To apply for CareCredit, click here.


Scratchpay does not give you a credit card. Instead, it allows you to choose the payment plan that works best for you, and once you’re signed up, you can either make manual or automatic payments over the course of 12-24 months, or within 90 days interest-free, depending on the plan you choose.

To find a payment plan, go here.

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Pet Insurance

Pet insurance can be extremely valuable for you and your pet. There are many insurance options out there, and many companies now allow pet owners some leeway in customizing their plans and determining their deductible.

It’s very important to sit down with a notebook and do some research on pet insurance companies so you can find the best plan. The many choices available might seem overwhelming, but it also means you’re more likely to find coverage that’s just right for your pet’s needs.

To help you get started, here are two popular pet insurance companies that offer insurance for cats and dogs. Take a moment to learn about their coverage, and consider asking for a quote.