kennel_worker_playswithdogsA Veterinarian on site to check on your pets!
We are happy to welcome pets for boarding, treating them with gentle care and providing attention to all pets. Your pets will also be checked throughout the day by trained staff to recognize any abnormal behaviors or medical needs.

All the Comforts of Home
We offer both kennel boarding and indoor/outdoor runs with artificial grass so your pets have a comfortable place to enjoy both the climate controlled inside and fresh air outside as they choose, throughout the day. We have multiple large play yards that your pet will get to enjoy at least four times a day during the week and three times a day during the weekend. You are always welcome to bring bedding and toys to make your pets feel at home. If you desire extra play/pamper time can be added. If you leave your cell phone number we would enjoy sending pictures text during your pets stay.

Complimentary Baths
All boarders staying 2 or more night receive a complimentary bath!

Kitty Condos
Cypress Haven Animal Hospital has a quiet area for your cat away from any fun loving, noisy dogs.

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