Laboratory Diagnostics, Cat and Dog X-ray, and Ultrasound in Cypress, TX

Understanding your pet’s health is all about getting the bigger picture, and with our state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, we can do just that. Cypress Fairhaven Animal Hospital is home to an in-house laboratory, a digital X-ray machine, and an ultrasound unit. These tools allow us to go further with our health evaluations without causing stress to your pet, and the information they provide means we can diagnose various conditions with greater accuracy.

Whether your pet needs their annual blood testing

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Why is Lab Work Important for Pets?

Blood and fecal testing is very important for healthy dogs and cats, because it can help us screen for all kinds of diseases, including heartworm disease, intestinal worms, and much more. Many conditions in pets start small, and only our testing equipment can help us find them.

Additionally, if we suspect that your pet is ill, we can perform or refer out specific tests that can tell us what is ailing your pet. Using our in-house tools, we can obtain results within minutes, which is highly beneficial in urgent situations.

Digital X-ray for Dogs and Cats Why It’s Better

Digital X-ray is superior to traditional film X-ray technology in multiple ways. It:

  • Uses less radiation
  • Takes sharper, clearer pictures
  • Shows more detail
  • Takes less time
  • Allows us to save your pet’s X-rays on a computer and email them to you and/or other doctors when needed
  • Causes less stress for your pet

In cases where we suspect broken bones, joint problems, or issues with the lungs and heart, we turn to our trusted digital X-ray equipment.

When is Ultrasound Needed?

Ultrasound does what X-ray can’t—it images the soft tissue organs in real time and alerts us to anything unusual taking place in the heart, lungs, and abdominal cavity. This can include fluid buildup, cysts, tumors, and foreign bodies. We can also evaluate animal pregnancies, just as humans can do with ultrasound.

For more in-depth cardiac and abdominal ultrasounds, we can call on a board-certified ultrasonographer to come in and review your pet’s ultrasound images.

If you have questions about our diagnostics or need to book an appointment, call (281) 256-8085 or use the online form!

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