Cat and Dog Surgery in Cypress, TX

Cypress Fairhaven Animal Hospital houses two ultra-modern surgical suites where our veterinarians can perform a diverse range of soft tissue and orthopedic procedures. While cat and dog surgery can sometimes be stressful not just for the animals but also for the owners, our team of professionals places just as much emphasis on safety as they do kindness, compassion, and being cognizant of your needs and circumstances.

If your veterinarian has recommended surgery for your pet, you can always turn to us if you have questions or concerns. It’s important to us that you fully understand the reasons for your pet’s procedure, the procedure itself, and what you can expect once your pet has been reunited with you to recover at home. We hope to alleviate any anxiety you’re feeling about your companion’s surgery

Cat and Dog Surgery in Cypress, TX

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Cat after surgery at our animal hospital

Putting Your Pet’s Safety First

Having your pet go into surgery doesn’t have to be stressful! To ensure the least amount of risk for them during their procedure, we go the extra mile with our preparations and advanced monitoring equipment, and an experienced technician is always at your pet’s side.

Before Surgery
  • We examine your pet for signs of illness and run blood tests to check liver, kidney, and pancreas function. A blood cell count may also be recommended, depending on their health history.
  • Once your pet is cleared for surgery, our team will calculate the amount of anesthesia, pain relief medication, and antibiotics they will need before, during, and after their procedure.
  • Your pet is carefully sedated and placed under anesthesia.
During Surgery
  • A dedicated veterinary technician monitors your pet’s vital signs for the entire duration of their surgery. Our monitoring equipment allows us to check your pet’s heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen levels, and more.
  • If needed, we can supply your pet with fluids to stabilize their blood pressure and keep them hydrated.
  • We use heated tables in our surgery suites to ensure that your pet’s body temperature doesn’t drop too low.
After Surgery
  • Your pet is taken to our recovery area, covered in warm blankets to keep them comfortable, and watched over by their technician.
  • Once your pet is awake, we’ll take them out on a leash to make sure they are able to eliminate without any problems, and give them a small amount of food and water to see if they are able to eat.
  • Once we determine that your pet is fully awake and functional, we’ll call you to pick them up.
  • At discharge, you’ll receive a handout with instructions on how to care for your pet during their recovery.

If you have questions about your pet's surgery or recovery please call us at (281) 256-8085 or book an appointment online.