Cat and Dog Teeth Cleaning in Cypress, TX

Our pets have more in common with us than we think, and their need for good oral hygiene practices is one of them. At Cypress Fairhaven Animal Hospital, our double dental suite allows our veterinary team to provide your pet with safe, advanced dental care while under anesthesia. We are also very happy to recommend healthy habits you can implement for your pet at home, like teeth brushing and dental chews.

The threat of dental disease is very real for every pet over age 2. Without routine cat and dog teeth cleaning practices, pets will quickly accumulate plaque and tartar on their teeth, which can lead to serious infection of the teeth and gums. With our help and plenty of persistence, you and your pet can settle into a dental care routine and easily prevent dental disease, and other oral health problems.

Bad breath is one of the first signs of poor oral health.

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Cat Teeth Cleaning in Cypress, TX

What Exactly is Dental Disease, and How is it Harmful?

Dental disease refers to what happens when plaque and tartar find their way under the gums and secrete infectious bacteria. This bacteria causes the gums to become painful and inflamed, and if given enough time, it will slowly begin to destroy the gums and other supporting structures of the teeth. While this condition can be quite uncomfortable for dogs and cats, this is not always apparent, as they may continue to eat as normal. This might trick us into thinking that our pet is perfectly fine, and delay much-needed treatment.

One of the biggest risks of dental disease is that the infection will enter the bloodstream and affect the heart, liver, and/or kidneys. Systemic illness can weaken your pet’s immune system and diminish their quality of life.

How Routine Dental Care and Teeth Cleanings can Help

Brushing your pet’s teeth at least several times a week and bringing them in for their yearly dental checkup can keep dental disease at bay. Regular brushing prevents plaque and tartar from hanging around and secreting harmful bacteria in your pet’s mouth, and routine teeth cleanings allow our veterinary team to examine your pet’s mouth thoroughly and give it a deep clean, removing all traces of buildup.

Our cat and dog teeth cleaning procedures usually involve:

  • A meticulous oral exam
  • Digital dental X-rays to evaluate the teeth and jaw bone for signs of weakness and disease
  • Ultrasonic scaling to remove any hardened buildup from the teeth
  • Polishing the teeth smooth to deter future buildup
  • Administering fluoride treatment to further protect the teeth

Additionally, we can perform an extraction if we find that a tooth is too damaged and/or decayed to save. We will contact you first before removing the tooth or teeth, and provide your pet with the necessary pain relief medication to make their recovery easier.

Dog Teeth Cleaning in Cypress, TX

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