Scheduling Policy

We see patients by appointment only. Walk in visits will be triaged and scheduled to the next available time or referred to a veterinary emergency hospital. We are not an emergency hospital, but may have availability for urgent or even critical medical issues with prior arrangement-- please call before bringing in your pet. Please note, if we are unavailable to assist you it is because we are currently at maximum capacity for providing quality care for our other patients. We do set aside daily appointments for urgent medical issues, and while restricted to 48 hours in advance, they tend to fill quickly.

Appointments can be arranged by phone at (281) 256-8085, text (888-470-3374), or on our app (search our name in your apple/android store). For emergency care outside of our business hours, we recommend Animal ER of NW Houston, Blue Pearl Spring or Katy or Vergi.

Doctors are unavailable for consultation outside of scheduled appointments and subsequent follow-ups, due to providing care for other patients. If you would like to speak directly to a doctor about an issue, we will gladly take a message for them to review. Concerns regarding policy or procedure will be handled directly by the practice manager.

Running Late?

Please arrive on time to your appointments to help us keep our full day of appointments on time. Please notify us via Phone, Text or App Chat if you’re running late. Arriving 15 minutes late will result in rescheduling your appointment, which due to our schedule booking out several days in advance could mean delays in care for your pet.

Canceling or Rescheduling appointments

We want to be able to provide care to our patients when they need us most. We also understand that missed appointments can occur for a variety of reasons, often beyond your control. If you’re unable to keep your appointment, please notify us by Phone, Text, or App Chat at least 4 hours in advance so that we can help another patient in need. We know you’d appreciate a last minute opening in the schedule if your pet was in need of care.

Types of appointments

A Maltese Dog

Annual Wellness Exams

A critical component to maintaining your pet’s health. Similar to our human annual physicals, our doctors need to regularly examine your pet for small changes that could lead to big medical concerns in addition to preventive care like vaccines, lab work to verify parasite free, and monthly prevention for internal and external parasites. We have a set number of wellness appointments available each day in addition to day admission appointments, where your pet would stay with us and be seen between appointments.

Problem Exams

Book to address all concerns outside of wellness care. These may range from a small issue that has been ongoing, or a new acute issue that needs to be addressed right away. We have a set number of problem visits available each day in addition to day admission appointments, where your pet would stay with us to be seen between appointments.

Urgent Care Exams

Available when our regular schedule is full up to 48 hours in advance to ensure we are able to see pets in need. This appointment may have an additional wait time, but critical concerns will be triaged to assess the severity. Additionally, this work in appointment is $75, $20 additional from our regular exam. This fee covers the additional skilled and trained technician time sick patients require.

Emergency Care Exams

Available as our case capacity allows within 24 hours for acutely ill or critical patients. We are not an emergency hospital, many cases are better served by an emergency hospital, we will refer out any time we feel it is best for the patients health, which includes if we are over capacity to take on other patients as we firmly believe in providing the best quality in care. Additionally, this work in appointment is $95,$40 additional from our regular exam. This fee covers the additional skilled and trained technician time critically ill patients require.

Walk-In Appointments

We are by appointment only, walk-ins are discouraged. Walk-ins will be charged as Emergency Care Appointments, $95 exam fee. Without the advance notice to our team, we charge the increased exam price for the convenience of getting as soon as it is possible upon arrival without advance notice and booking of an appointment. Our entire team previews our schedule throughout the day and this drives our decisions for when we provide patient care and have our staff take their breaks. Walk-in appointments interrupt this workflow and are charged accordingly.

Day Admission Appointments or Drop-Offs

Offered as a convenience to our clients and in many instances as an option for care for necessary treatments. We have a set number of well, problem, and routine day admissions our technicians and veterinarians can accommodate each day. You receive a link to a form to fill out in advance of your appointment. Please allow 15 minutes to review your completed form and allow your technician to ask the necessary questions to care for your pet and address your concerns. Your vet team will be in contact throughout the day and to let you know when your pet is ready to go home.